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The Key To A Successful Logo - Scalability , Execution

The Key To A Successful Logo - Scalability , Execution

The Key To A Successful Logo - Scalability , Execution Scalability The ability for a logo design to remain consistently legible regardless of the size is extremely beneficial. Each logo will have a different minimum size before the identity becomes affected. Of course, the smaller that this minimum size is, the more flexible the logo. Muamer Adilovic, a senior graphic designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, designed the logo for a new online community named Pozzitiva (see Figure 3-11). The bird illustration is simple, composed of few paths, so it allows the mark to scale down extremely well and still be distinguishable from a standard smiling face. Figure 3-11: The Pozzitiva logo, designed by Muamer Adilovic (www.muameradilovic.com).

Execution You may be able to think of a memorable, original and versatile concept that you know will be a suitable solution to the brief, but if you can’t execute that idea visually, the design won’t succeed. The execution of an idea is more often than not crucial in connecting with the audience; otherwise they won’t get it, even if you do. You can’t always be around to explain what your intentions were every time the logo is seen. Burn Creative, a graphic design and branding form in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, decided to put into practice an unusual idea for Schick Enterprises (see Figure 3-12). Schick operate a unique business that involves providing technology solutions for the pork industry. The quirky stylized mark, a flying pig drawn in an electronic style, had to have been difficult to execute in such a way that the logo is recognizable and understandable, but Burn Creative pulled it off flawlessly. Figure 3-12: The Schick Enterprises logo, designed by Burn Creative (www.burncreative.com)


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