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The Key To A Successful Logo - A Message , The brand image

The Key To A Successful Logo - A Message , The brand image

The Key To A Successful Logo - A Message , The brand image A Message A logo can’t necessarily tell a whole brand story. That would be far too much information to encapsulate into a single image. However, it can act as the starting point to drawing viewers in and hitting them with a strong and powerful message. A powerful message that is portrayed visually in a logo design can go a long way toward achieving a recognizable understanding of what the brand stands for. That said, the logo doesn’t have to tell it exactly how it is. For example, if a business’s unique selling point is that it sells the tastiest apples in the area, the logo doesn’t have to include that selling point—in fact, it really shouldn’t. Instead, the logo needs to communicate the message abstractly. In 2009, I was approached by a startup nonprofit organization, the Information Center for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ICPCA) to design its new identity. Animal cruelty is a sensitive and painful topic, so the challenge was to come up with a logo that communicated the organization’s message effectively and with sensitivity. I talked with the client about the main brand message that they wanted to communicate, and we decided that the message was, “Animal cruelty has to stop now.” The main goal of the organization is to make the cause known on a wider scale; we thought that the logo could play a key part in making people realize the message right away (as opposed to having to read additional literature or supporting headlines). Instead of shying away from the sinister nature of animal cruelty, I decided to use that in order to pull at the audience’s heartstrings (see Figure 3-8). Figure 3-8: The ICPCA logo, designed by Gareth Hardy (www.downwithdesign.com). Another approach is to represent the brand message subliminally within the logo. Any beliefs or ideas held by a business or organization that are illustrated in the design can help to tell the brand story, or at least form the basis for the start of communication between the viewer and the brand. Roy Smith, a brand identity designer based in Norwich, United Kingdom, designed the new logo for the Royal Norfolk Show (see Figure 3-9), which is the largest agricultural show in the country. The show covers a range of traditional and modern events relating to agriculture. Roy represented a number of events within the design of the logo: The illustration shows a progression from an ear of corn (representing farming) to a tire tread (hinting at tractors) to birds (representing nature). Figure 3-9: The Royal Norfolk Show logo, designed by Roy Smith (www.roysmithdesign.com).

The brand image A logo can’t do it all, but it can act as the basis for the brand identity and should help support it. The style of the logo must be congruent with the brand image as a whole to keep from communicating different messages. Nikita Lebedev, an identity designer from Kostroma, Russia, was faced with the task of designing the new identity for an elegant jewelry designer named Muhtarov (see Figure 3-10). The intricate design of the stylized initial hints at the fact that Muhtarov pays a lot of attention to detail in its jewelry designs. The overall image created by the logo matches the brand identity that Muhtarov wants to portray to its customers. Figure 3-10: The Muhtarov logo, designed by Nikita Lebedev.


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