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The Key To A Successful Logo - Leaving room for the brand to grow,Designing for every medium

The Key To A Successful Logo - Leaving room for the brand to grow , Designing for every medium

The Key To A Successful Logo - Leaving room for the brand to grow , Designing for every medium Leaving room for the brand to grow When companies first start out, they often sell only one product or one type of product. As they grow, they may expand into other product lines. The key is to design a logo that doesn’t lock the client in, that allows the client to expand without needing a whole new brand identity. Nadim Twal, a brand identity designer from Middlesex, England, designed the new logo for Jolly Monk, a brand of wine (see Figure 3-6). Instead of using images that we often see associated with wine producers, Nadim decided to create an abstract jolly monk character, which could be adapted and changed slightly for each variation of wine that Jolly Monk produces.

Figure 3-6: The Jolly Monk logo, designed by Nadim Twal.

Designing for every medium The most successful logos are those that can be applied in every medium—screen or print, large or small. There is no point in having a logo unless you can use it to its full potential. Rudy Hurtado, a graphic designer from Toronto, Canada, took on the role of designing the logo for Toronto Star and the Performing Arts (see Figure 3-7). The identity covers all the events relating to the performing arts covered by www.thestar.com. The old-school traditional style can be applied to the rest of the brand collateral, with elements of the logo taking on more prominent roles. Figure 3-7: The Toronto Star and the Performing Arts logo, designed by Rudy Hurtado (www.rudyhurtado.com). View Company Logos Pictures :

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