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The Key To A Successful Logo - Originality , Versatility

The Key To A Successful Logo - Originality , Versatility

The Key To A Successful Logo - Originality , Versatility Originality Another key attribute of successful logos is originality. If the logo you design looks like somebody else’s logo, or like a knock-off of logos that have come before, it won’t succeed. But this doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch and come up with something that’s never been done before. You may be able to offer a unique take on a common concept. Kevin Burr, a graphic designer working under the name of Ocular Ink in Nashville, Tennessee, designed the logo for Ecodiva (see Figure 3-4). Ecodiva produces eco-friendly skin-care products. Nature-related imagery is overused in logos for eco-friendly organizations and causes, but Kevin created a unique twist on that for the Ecodiva logo—it’s not overly obvious that the mark alludes to a leaf rather than the flowing hair of a young lady. Kevin played on themes viewers are used to associating with eco-friendly products and organizations, without hitting them over the head with it. Figure 3-4: The Ecodiva logo, designed by Kevin Burr (www.ocularink.com). I think that riskier and more adventurous designs are the most successful for any individual or organization. Of course, not every company should display an image of explicit images or make outrageous statements—this would get them noticed, but for all the wrong reasons. A logo that looks different, that makes people stop in their tracks and elicits a positive emotional response, is doing its job. Jan Zabransky, a freelance identity design specialist based in Zlín, Czech Republic, designed an interesting wordmark for GENIUS (see Figure 3-5). GENIUS is a graphic design and strategic marketing firm specializing in brand identity, motion, and interactive design. Its focus is on building distinct and unique brands. This is brilliantly reflected in the GENIUS wordmark, which somehow manages to read well even though the word is typeset back to front with the letters upside down. Zabransky came up with an original solution for the GENIUS logo, and it succeeds, in part, because of this originality. Figure 3-5: The GENIUS logo, designed by Jan Zabransky (www.janzabransky.cz).

Versatility A logo needs to be versatile in order to succeed. It should allow the client room to grow, not lock the client in to one type of product (even if the client sells only one type of product at the start). And, even if your client tells you that the logo will be used only in magazine ads or won’t ever be used on a billboard, a logo isn’t successful unless it’s versatile enough to work well in any medium

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