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The Key To A Successful Logo - The element of surprise , Timelessness

The Key To A Successful Logo - The element of surprise , Timelessness

The Key To A Successful Logo - The element of surprise , Timelessness The element of surprise A logo doesn’t have to be simple to be memorable. A logo can be memorable by showing the audience something that they aren’t expecting. A logo that surprises the viewer, catches him off-guard, will have great impact and, in turn, be memorable. Attak, a graphic design firm based in The Netherlands, designed the identity for You Can’t Play a Trumpet with a Clenched Fist (see Figure 3-2). The logo acted as part of an exhibition entitled “Make Peace Not War.” The loaded gun barrel replaced by the trumpet surprises the viewer and, because of that, will have a lasting impact. Figure 3-2: The logo for You Can’t Play a Trumpet with a Clenched Fist, designed by Attak (www.attakweb.com).

Timelessness Trends come and go in logo design, as in anything else. But you want to design logos that are timeless—that way, they won’t look out of date in a year or two, and they may even last for decades. So, what makes a logo timeless? Timeless design is often simple, focusing on line work. Often, it completely ignores current or past common design trends, which makes it relevant to any time period. In a sense, it becomes pure design, which can have an everlasting effect on the minds of the viewer. Oxide Design Co. designed the logo for Springbok (see Figure 3-3), a company that designs and manufactures precision test equipment for high-voltage power lines. The slick, precise lines make the identification of the era in which the logo was designed hard to pinpoint, and this will remain the case for years to come. The timeless illustration style allows the identity to be unsusceptible to looking outdated in the future, regardless of whether competitors choose to employ a current design trend into their own identities, thus rendering it more memorable. Figure 3-3: The Springbok logo, designed Oxide Design Co. (www.oxidedesign.com). View Company Logos Pictures :

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