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The Key To A Successful Logo - Memorability , Simplicity

The Key To A Successful Logo - Memorability , Simplicity

The Key To A Successful Logo - Memorability , Simplicity What truly makes a logo successful? Is it pretty colors? Fancy effects? The answer, of course, is no. There is not one defined recipe to designing a successful logo—if there were, there wouldn’t be so many unsuccessful logos out there. Still, certain attributes contribute to the success of a logo. A logo might not contain every one of these attributes, but the more of them the logo draws upon, the more successful the logo will be. Memorability What makes something memorable? Why do you remember some logos and not others? When you’re designing a logo, trying to come up with something that sticks in the minds of the target audience, memorability can seem elusive, hard to pin down. But the good news is, memorable logos share some common traits, traits that I explore in this section. Remember: Something can be memorable for good reasons or bad reasons. Obviously, you want every logo you design to be remembered only for good reasons. Anything that causes controversy or offends people will only hinder an identity and, ultimately, harm the reputation of a brand. Simplicity The simpler the image is, the easier it will be for the audience to remember—the brain simply has less information to process. When you think of all the well-known popular brands, you’ll notice that their logos are extremely simple. When I say the name McDonald’s, the first thing you probably think of is its simple, iconic Golden Arches logo, beautifully drawn with sleek curves. Simplicity is probably the attribute that goes the furthest to improving the success of a logo. Simple ideas and imagery make effective logos. A simple logo design improves how the logo performs at smaller sizes—a complex logo may look fine on a billboard, but on a business card or letterhead, all that detail will be lost. Plus, simple logos are recognized more quickly by viewers—they don’t have to spend a lot of time looking at the logo to know what identity it represents. Studio Ink, a creative design agency in Victoria, Australia, decided to focus on pure simplicity for the design of its own logo (see Figure 3-1). The wordmark uses simple block characters, but the small imperfections make it recognizable even when viewed at smaller sizes. Figure 3-1: Studio Ink logo, designed by Studio Ink (www.studioink.com.au).

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