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Logo Design Ideas > How to Design Logos with Hidden Messages – Tips & Tricks!!

Logo Design Ideas

What is the one thing that is similar between all famous logos of top brands? All of them hold a significant meaning and deliver a distinct message to their targeted customers. Not only that, they exhibit the message in a clever and alluring way so their corporate identity becomes unforgettable for the audience.

Let’s take the example of FedEx logo …although it may look simple and naive to a common eye but the message is creatively concealed within the logo design. A hidden “arrow” between the letters “E” and “X” signifies progress and development of the corporation.

But coming up with an ingenious logo design isn’t child’s play. Many logo designers have troubles coming up with hidden logos. They often don’t know where to start or what techniques to apply when brainstorming for a logo with hidden message. Therefore, in order to address this issue, my theme for today is to reveal some of the tricks in creating hidden logos.


1. Play with Negative space:

The first and easiest trick in creating hidden logos is to play with negative space. Negative space is the space around and between the subjects of an image. You can cleverly hide two or more objects within one subject by employing empty spaces in the logo design. Let me explain the concept through some examples:


Hope for African:

In this hidden logo, the Africa Map is the “Subject” while two more figures are cleverly hidden on each side. The face of a child and a protective elderly figure are a result of negative space in the logo design.

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium:

In the next example wou will see a tree which is the main subject of the logo. The logo designer has incorporated in the negative space the face of gorilla and a lioness on each side symbolizing the zoo.

2. Play with Numbers:

If there is a number or digit within the company name, logo designers can opt for this method of creating hidden logos. All you need to do is to mend and bend numbers until they shape into numerical hidden logos. For instance if you revolve the number “2” in the right direction, it will shape into the letter “N”. Similarly, revolving the number “3” makes an “M”. Let us learn more with some live examples:



 ‘Five-Ten’ logo is designed for a renowned family-owned business that makes outdoor sports footwear. If you observe, the numerals 5 and 10 are cleverly positioned with a single symbol. Both are blended together to form 5.10

1 2 Love:

This example of hidden logo precisely shows how numbers can be played with. By just repositioning the number ‘2’, the designer has created not one but two letters ‘l’ and ‘o’. Read it together would make it ‘One 2 love’.

3. Play with Typography:

Another technique to embed hidden messages in logos is by using the typography and alphabets. Experiment with the letters and typography of the corporate identity until you can incorporate a message within the logo design. Learn more with these inspirational examples:



This impressive hidden logo creates an actual maze out of the letters "M", "A", "Z", "E". This hidden structures when read, makes the word "A-MAZE-ING".

My Fonts:

At first glance, it may not look so impressive, but if you observe this hidden logo, the letters ‘My’ shows a human hand.



4. Play with Symbols:

This is another technique often used by logo designers to conceal messages in logos. Playing with symbols may look easy but in reality is not the case. Symbols must be shaped to depict a relevant message that relates to the company and its identity. Let us look at some examples to help clarify the technique:


Yoga Australia:

At first glance, the logo may look like a simple picture of a young girl practicing yoga. But if you observe cautiously, the symbol is bent in the shape of the ‘Australian Map’.

I Hate You:

To many, this logo design may appear as "I heart you". Although the heart symbol has been designed to convey a sign of ‘love’, it is shaped actually shaped to spell out the word “Hate”.


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