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Logo Design Ideas > 22 Numerical Hidden Logos – Playing with Numbers!!


A logo design becomes memorable only if it is creative and attractive.  Numbers and digits when used in logos provide logo designers with more opportunities for creativity. Mending and bending numbers to shape into a letter is one of the artistic techniques employed in logo designing. For example if you rotate the number “2” towards the right, it will form the letter “N”. Similarly, rotating the number “3” yields an “M”.

One of the most recent and prime example of numerical logo trends is the Big Ten logo redesign. The famous logo, which has been the identity carrier of Big Ten Conference, includes a “10” hidden in the word “BIG”. Even before the redesign, Big Ten had another numerical logo with an “11” concealed between “BIG TEN”. This shows that creating hidden logos is relatively easier with numbers.

For your inspiration, here are 22 attractive logos that manipulate numbers to create a fascinating hidden logo:

2 Oceans

Five Seven


21 Tech

Eleven in 1


One 2 Love




Baby Fatty 1307




2011 Year of Rabbit


Eight Seven Creative Design

Loop 9


Sixshot Photography



Number Tank

Seven Steps


Get five studio

Two-Way Communications


1969 Idea

Number eleven

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