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Logo Design Ideas > 20 Logos Inspired from Elements of Nature – Earth, Fire, Air & Water!!!

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Remember the Cartoon series “Captain Planet and the Planeteers?” I still remember how it used to teach us, through its captivating jingle, the four basic elements of nature…earth, fire, wind and water. It is rightly said that logo design inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. The four elements of nature each hold a unique meaning and connotations. Each one can be used to carve out unique and meaningful logo designs.

Before moving on to elements of nature in logo design, did you know that these elements hold a significant meaning in astrology as well? You can also refer to my Zodiac Logos post for detailed insight on astrological signs. For now, let us take a look at how these elements of nature can be used in logo designing.


Earth Logos:

Earth logos are ones that include topographical symbols like rock, stones, mountains, terrains and minerals. Just as rocks, stones and mountains denote firmness and concreteness; earth logos signify practicality, stability, materialism and realism for a company.

Earth Logo 1
Earth Logo 4
Earth Logo 3
Earth Logo 2
Earth Logo 5
Earth Logo 6

Fire Logos:

Fire symbolizes passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm and inspiration. Fire logos are the ones that use flare, flames, blaze and other fire related symbols to denote that a company is passionate about what they do and will work with enthusiasm. Although water and fire logos can also be created together.

Fire Logo 1
Fire Logo 4
Fire Logo 2
Fire Logo 6
Fire Logo 5
Fire Logo 3

Air Logos:

Wind or air symbolizes ability, language, intellect, freedom, and thought. Wind logos are also seen in the form sequential logos and may include symbols such as windmill and other air atmospheric signs. They denote that a company is determined to progress and has the ability to make things happen.

Wind Logo 1
Wind Logo 2
Wind Logo 3
Wind Logo 4
Wind Logo 5
Wind Logo 6

Water Logos:

Water is associated with emotion, purity, intuition and tranquility. Water logos exist mostly in the form of wave logos and contain signs like ocean waves, water droplets and rain. They denote that the company is pure and true in its business dealings and is calm and composed in all difficult situations.

Water Logo 1
Water Logo 4
Water Logo 3
Water Logo 2
Water Logo 5
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