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Cool Logo Design Ideas > 20 New Iconic and Symbolic Logos with Hidden Messages

Cool Logo Design Ideas

Over the years, we have started realizing the significance of a logo design. Finally, we have accepted the fact that a logo plays an important role in building the corporate identity of every business. However, things don’t end here… confused??? Ok, let me spill the beans.

My point is that getting a “logo design” shouldn’t be your only target. Try to get a logo design which creatively says your business name and explains your business nature simultaneously. With ordinary and monotonous logos you won’t be able to achieve a unique identity for your business. Therefore, to stand out from your competitors, hunt for innovative iconic and symbolic logos. Such logos portray your business in an extremly interesting manner, helping you capture potential customers.

Today I lend you a hand in finding innovative and clever logos for your business.  Here’s an exciting new collection of 20 iconic and symbolic logos with hidden messages.


Logo Head

Logo Design 1
Very creatively the word “logo” makes the face of a person.

Farm 2 Fork

Logo Design 2
Take a close look…a fork and a cow image has been merged briliantly.

Roster Forge

Logo Design 3
Witness the forge amalgamated in the letter “R”


Logo Design 4
Water droplets are grouped to make the continent of Africa


Logo Design 5
A tooth can be seen within the emperors’ shield.

Franz Bernard

Logo Design 6
Initals of the company name “F” and “B” are merged into each other.


Logo Design 7

Alphabet “O” is replaced with a dot to mark the word “point”

Green One

Logo Design 8
Number “1” is rotated to 90 degrees and fitted in the small green box.


Logo Design 9
The hidden spoon in the logo well explains the business name.

Fork Ever

Logo Design 10
fork is streched in a stylish way to say ‘forkever’

Eight Bones

Logo Design 11
2 bones are amalgamated in the number “8” to enlighten the business name

Night Golf

Logo Design 12

A golf ball is portrayed like an enlightened moon


Branding in Business

Logo Design 13
Using the negative space a mouse could be seen within this image of a lion.


Logo Design 14
The spade is placed in the centre of the word “DIG”

One Down

Logo Design 15
A brilliant merger of number “1” and a down arrow

Inequality Records

Logo Design 16
Inequal lines is a clever way to explain the business name


Logo Design 17
Letter “U” is replaced with the symbol of pause.


Logo Design 18
Alphabet “u” and “m” contribute in making the word “umbrella”

Aleksandra Winiarska

Logo Design 19
Letter “A” and “W” combined together to say the company name

Good Duck

Logo Design 20
A duck is made out of the letter “g” to say “gooduck”
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