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Art of Writing! – 15 Stylish Calligraphy Logos

Art of Writing! – Cool Logo Design

In recent years, the art of Calligraphy has also crept into the logo design world. Calligraphy logo designs typically features different stylish fonts used for incorporating the company name on logos, insignia or monograms. They are generally employed for social invitations and functions such as wedding logos and other similar events.

Although an intricate and complex art, calligraphy has developed into a powerful and stylish format for branding a business. Calligraphy logos are preferred over the customary logo design for their elegance, style and sophistication. A renowned example of this technique is the Wikimedia Calligraphy Logo, which has been crafted using a calligraphy font.

For your inspiration, here are 15 extremely stylish logos that employ the calligraphy technique:


Cathleen Whitlow


Claude Mediavilla


Denis Brown


Eastham Properties


Ellas Paper




Francisco Gigena


Gauthier Stacy






Pixel Lighters


Raphael Boguslav


Romeo and Juliet




State Of Rhyme

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